To get back into writing, after taking a very long break I decided to ask myself the question, ‘Can we ever truly reach gender equality?’. Some believe we can, some believe we can’t and some believe we already have and so this isn’t even something we should still be talking about. As a optimist, I’dContinue reading “REACHING GENDER EQUALITY.”


September 7th, 1968, Miss America’s pageant and according to Carol Hanisch “the way to bring the fledgling Women’s Liberation Movement into the public arena.” See, pageants were a bold display of blatant misogynistic outlooks on women and beauty so what better way to tell America that women would no longer succumb to this misogyny thanContinue reading “MISS AMERICA’S BRA BURNERS”


The second wave began a few years after the ending of the Second World War. Men had returned to retake the positions women were in while they were away at war and once again women were back to being viewed as household objects. But these women were no longer complicit with this situation and soContinue reading ““THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL””


Different parts of feminism are distinguished by waves and to be honest, it can be a little confusing trying to get a full understanding of each of the complete three waves. Feminism is characterized by waves in order to identify the coming up of the movement, the peak, and then finally the wave crashing backContinue reading “THE FIRST WAVE”


Welcome! My name is Dami and something I am incredibly passionate about is feminism, I love it and some of my friends may argue I talk about it too much, so I decided to take it one step further by writing about it, on a regular basis- Every Monday to be specific. However, with everythingContinue reading ““MATTER IS THE MINIMUM””