Why I hate the term- People Of Colour

“Hate” may be a strong word, but I’m not a fan of it, to say the least. The term People of Colour (POC), initially used in the US but is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, is used to describe all those who are not white. As a result of this umbrella term, all ethnicContinue reading “Why I hate the term- People Of Colour”


If you know me in person then you’ll know that Body image is one of my favourite topics to talk about and something I bring up constantly. A Wikipedia defines “Body image is a person’s perception of the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of their own body. It involves how a person sees themselves, compared toContinue reading “BEAUTY IS A CONSTRUCT”


September 7th, 1968, Miss America’s pageant and according to Carol Hanisch “the way to bring the fledgling Women’s Liberation Movement into the public arena.” See, pageants were a bold display of blatant misogynistic outlooks on women and beauty so what better way to tell America that women would no longer succumb to this misogyny thanContinue reading “MISS AMERICA’S BRA BURNERS”


Hello! Firstly I’d just like to start this post of by saying a huge thank you to everyone who subscribed and messaged me saying nice things about this. I really appreciated it, especially because I was so nervous to post for the first time, so thank you so so much. Before Covid-19 brought an abruptContinue reading “WHY FEMINISM IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY”


I suppose it’s naïve of me to admit that I still find it difficult to believe racism is still a prevalent aspect in society, In 2020. I find it difficult to comprehend that people still feel a warranted reason to hate someone is purely the colour of their skin. And that worries me, quite franklyContinue reading ““MATTER IS THE MINIMUM””